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Empower your content

Equip your writers and readers alike with news analysis and data journalism, in a format that is easily understandable. Additionally, our JavaScript SDK offers a robust set of commands that enable you to communicate with our API directly.

See the GitHub repository for more.

Simple to use

Include a simple snippet on the page, target an analysis and customise your charts.

No need to code. Just copy and paste.

fh('docket', 'Brexit+European Union+EU+Referendum+London', 'el');
fh('pie', 'emotions');
fh('timeline', 'Event Horizon'); 
fh('timebar', 'MyCustomTitle', {
bias : 'no-data',
emotions : 'anger'

Add the FightHoax SDK snippet on your article page or website's header.

Here's a quick guide


Copy the snippet pertaining to the analysis you'd like to load.



Start customising your charts, with types, names and the labels you need.

Stable - v1.0 / v1.1, Alpha - v1.2 / v1.3