A deeper understanding of news articles

Source helps media and businesses dive deeper into the informational context of a news article, from the qualities of its title to its sentiment and depth of coverage. Leverage Source for your organisation and directly improve your citation, ad serving and research efforts.

Fοr Media

Source offers digital and traditional media an in-depth analysis of news articles, in a manner that is simple to understand and easy to distribute to their readers.

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For Business

Businesses use Source to access multiple dimensions on news articles, directly enhancing their advertising, marketing and research offerings for their customers.

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Source Citation

Empower your journalism by citing news sources in an interactive new way, with Source. Upgrading your source citation from hyperlinks to visual information that offers deeper, meaningful context, can help you deliver better quality content for your readers. Citing with Source takes the same amount of effort as a hyperlink, and can be delivered in just a few seconds.

Ad Serving

Serving ads through news content becomes even more efficient with context, through Source. Extract actionable insights easily, leveraging information from multiple dimensions of news articles for your advertising and marketing efforts. Serve ads with more precision, instantly. Offer better results for your customers, with Source.

Market Research

Brands, businesses, organisations and individuals are an integral part of news coverage. Source helps you leverage news metrics and extend your key performance indicators based on multiple dimensions of news articles, from exposure and mentions to sentiment and impressions. Map news articles with Source and directly offer actionable insights for your customers.

With a single click

Source requires a single news article URL - with a simple click, it offers information on multiple dimensions of news articles within the next few seconds.

Source offers the data in visual information through our dashboard. You can also receive it directly with our JSON API, integrating easily into your own system and platform. You can also use our JavaScript SDK, which offers a set of easy commands, to handle the data in the form of a digital "docket".

  • Title & language - quality, length and overall language markers on the content

  • Reporting & coverage - in-depth look at the history of the source and direct metrics on the coverage

  • Publisher - data on the publisher or website

  • Author - digital footprint of the editor or lack thereof

  • Public opinion & sentiment - contextual data based on the content and overall topic

  • Perception & bias - contextual data based on the source

  • Impressions & reach - metrics on social reach and direct impressions such as clicks and shares

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