A wider perspective on news topics

Landscape offers media and businesses wider insights on the news coverage of topics and events, through multiple dimensions, ranging from overall information on the emotional spectrum to mentions, entities and keywords. Use Landscape to tap directly into hundreds and thousands of news articles for data journalism, research and engaging news stories.


Fοr Media

Landscape helps digital and traditional media analyse hundreds and thousands of news articles, in a manner that is simple and easy to understand for their readers.

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For Business

Businesses leverage Landscape to extract actionable insights from hundreds and thousands of news articles, directly enhancing their advertising, marketing and research offerings for their customers.

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Data Journalism

Empower your work by harnessing the potential of data journalism in a simple and interactive way, with Landscape. Offer you readers deeper, meaningful context with easy-to-understand visual data in charts and colourful cards. Data journalism with Landscape takes a minimum amount of effort and can be delivered in a few minutes, depending on the number of articles.

Engaging Stories

Creating engaging news stories becomes even more effective with interactive content, through Landscape. Offer your readers actionable insights easily, leveraging information from multiple dimensions of news topics. Write your next news piece in an engaging manner that increases reader retention, with Landscape.

Market Research

Brands, businesses, organisations and individuals are an integral part of news coverage. Landscape helps you leverage news metrics and extend your key performance indicators based on multiple dimensions of news topics and events, from exposure and mentions to sentiment, keywords and impressions. Map news with Landscape and directly offer actionable insights for your customers.


In just a few minutes

Landscape works with either a set of URLs from news articles or a search query based on news topics - with a simple click, it offers information on multiple dimensions of news topics within a few minutes.

Landscape offers the data in visual information through our dashboard. You can also receive it directly with our JSON API, integrating easily into your own system and platform. You can also use our JavaScript SDK, which offers a set of easy commands, to handle the data in the form of a digital "docket".

  • Complete overview - overall look into the entire period of the topic's news coverage

  • Timeline - narrowed focus on the information in months, weeks or even days

  • Mix & match - comparison charts and different sets and items for pattern recognition and other markers

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