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Derive actionable insights from news by utilizing FightHoax news analysis tools and solutions into your work. Discover the benefits of FightHoax partners.

Tools and solutions for professionals

Shape your news with analysis and data journalism, powered by the FightHoax technology

For Media

Attract and retain more readers by integrating news analysis into your work as a journalist, small media team or newsroom.

For Business

Increase revenue generation for you and your customers by adding news analysis to your advertising, marketing and research efforts.

Explore resources and material for FightHoax partners

Our documentation offers handy guides and information on the benefits of using FightHoax and what it means to be a Beta Partner.

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We work directly with our partners to help them integrate our tools and solutions into their flow, with their needs as our primary focus.


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A starter solution, designed for professionals who want to explore news analysis

By e-mail, 2 - 4 business days
1 analysis / 7 days
Up to 100 articles per analysis
1 account with 1 user


Basic options and solutions for media and businesses looking for more

By e-mail & phone, 1 - 2 business days
1 analysis / day*
Up to 150 article per analysis*
1 analysis per day*
1 account with 3 users
1 domain (incl. sub-domains), unlimited
SDK requests (charts, bars, info)
Need the API? Get in touch with us for our enterprise package.

A suite of solutions

Join the world's most innovative publishers and businesses and shape your news with analysis and data journalism


Our Dashboard offers publishers and businesses a simple-to-use and clean interface to perform analyses, with the ability to review charts, bars, as well as easy methods to load the info on their website. Enterprise partners receive access to the Enterprise Dashboard, which offers information on handling and reviewing API requests, in addition to standard functionality. Documentation for developers is also included within the dashboard.


For increased or even special requests and needs, we offer access to our JSON API, accompanying by the necessary documentation for developers.


Generate charts and visual aids. Combined with access to the API, our JavaScript SDK offers a set of command tools so you can handle API effortlessly.


Discover actionable insights from the digital noise of a news topic, without sacrificing quality or speed.


Understand the different aspects of a digital source and its relationship with the news topic.

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Engineering the technology based on practice and methodology

In our pursuit of understanding the components of news analysis and how to combine technology with news production and consumption, we crunch, grind and test repeatedly, together with our partners.

Fake news, harmful content and misinformation are affecting every industry. Be at the forefront of innovation by becoming a pivotal part in helping developer the right technology, based on the right theory.

New media and multimedia are only parts of the digital era of journalism and news. Embrace the next level by integrating news analysis and data journalism into your work.