Shape the future of news. For the better.

We started with a vision. We're pushing with a mission. Our team is dedicated towards building the new era of the Internet, without the fear of disinformation, propaganda and harmful content.

Small team. Big goals.

For us, a fast-paced and agile environment is perfect for a small team. We don't get stuck on processes and software. We focus on our needs.


Authentic communication is at the core of our team. We share critisism and feedback, honestly.


Every action on every aspect of our product and business development will meet us down the road. We code, call, mail and doc for the long term.


Build, test, ship and repeat. Straightforward, fast processes with coffee and lots of jokes.

We are hiring

Come onboard to a wonderful journey!


Front-end Developer

You should be particularly savvy with JavaScript.

Hint: fh

Full-stack Developer

A maestro for our orchestra.

Hint: What do you GET with this title at

Software Developer

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A digital generalist.


Work with purpose.

We believe in a collective mission powered by individual values. There is no company culture. You are the culture.