Unlock the potential of programmatic advertising

With news analysis data for brand safety and contextual targeting.

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Contextual Targeting

Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and your impact per spend, with news analysis data for contextual targeting.

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Increased attention

Display your ad on content that is more targeted for your audience, increasing their attention on your brand.

Higher CTR

With ads displayed on more relevant experiences and stories for your audience and your brand, you can discover more quality clicks.

Better brand impact

When audience attention and news context reach a high level of relevancy, your brand harnesses the power of that connection directly.

Brand Safety

Safeguard your reputation and your ad spend with news analysis data for brand safety.

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How does FightHoax work?

FightHoax works as a simple set of dropdowns and filters, just like managing your audience and campaign options.

How can I use FightHoax? (Advertisers)

You can get in touch with us for a direct integration to your adtech, or use one of our existing partners that support our technology.

How can I integrate FightHoax? (Adtech)

FightHoax offers the results in JSON format, through our robust and high-performing API. We provide all the necessary documentation and support.

How can I partner with FightHoax? (Adtech)

We believe in transparent communication and mutual benefit with our adtech partners. If you are interested, drop us a quote.